Saturday, February 17, 2007

Presidential Candidates

Because you asked me-

Barack Obama -

I hope he really is a good person. I like that he is starting to show some backbone. I haven't seen that before. No, I don't like him automatically because I'm a so-called "liberal"(and what's wrong with that?) and he's black. And yes, in good ol'America (where the tree limbs are still bent from the memories of so many lynchings), he is considered black by all parties despite the creation of a story by major networks saying something to the contrary...that black people don't think him black enough. This is one of those stories that they can publish without evidence at all. Think about it: If most "black" people in fact just love love love Obama, and the news media got the story wrong...who's to say? The media powers today can say practically anything they like and get away with it. Including the national networks saying that Obama is risking his life in running for president...that someone might kill him. Are they trying to suggest something to their audience? Afterall, there are lots of reasons why candidates might be assassinated (ex. Senator Robert F. Kennedy) and yet they never do say such things about other candidates.

Hillary Clinton -
I liked her and respected her plenty right up until she voted to go to Iraq. It's not like everyone did. And somehow she just doesn't seem to cut it anymore...even her excuses for having voted to give Bush that power seem paltry and leave me unsatisfied that she is the strong and more importantly moral person I would like in the office. None of that is why I am under no circumstances voting for her to be the democratic nominee...I'm just sure that there is no chance in hell that she would ever be elected president by this country over a white male unless he were some long-haired hippy and that of course rules out any republicans. Any republican would be more acceptable to the country than electing a b****(their words, not mine) like Hillary. Sorry, the country is still sexist as heck and I won't pretend otherwise like those people who pretended that Ralph Nader might get elected and voted for him, thus getting the rest of us stuck with Bush in power all this time.

Edwards and Others -
So far, the likeliest candidate I've heard of is John Edwards and I can only assume that the corporate media is just filling airtime right now with the other two until we get tired of them and then they will bring out Edwards and/or others to take over the spotlight. By the way, if we are allowed to dream...I'd like to see candidate Dennis Kucinich as president any year, but especially now.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Knights of the Star Trek Table

I love Mash-ups and this one is as smooth as any I have seen yet.

"The crew of the starship Enterprise perform a rousing rendition of the Monty Python classic in this inspired mashup."
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