Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Can you believe some people are still saying that Obama is a Muslim? If they didn't equate Muslims with terrorists then this might not matter so much to them. Little Mosque on the Prairie is a television show making a real difference in how people see their Muslim neighbors. I have often wondered why we can't have television like this popular sitcom here in the United States... I hear, however, that an American version is in the works. Hopefully it will not lose it's intelligence and originality in translation.

It has an ongoing storyline and I think you can watch the show from episode I on

Rayyan, one of the primary characters on the show, is described on the CBC website as a "headscarf-wearing, forward-thinking, Muslim, feminist doctor. She's like a young, good looking Maude. Rayyan embraced her faith in university and is much more devout than her parents. She often prays she's adopted." Except for that last sentence, it's a very good description of her character. And her parents do often get in trouble with her for doing non-Muslim things like playing the lottery (gambling).

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