Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fungus and Diesel

Did you hear about the fungus that creates Diesel? A scientist, Strobel, found this fungus, Gliocladium Roseum, in the Patagonian trees and (after storing it in his freezer for a year) he discovered that this fungus creates real's the genuine product and would run your car. Strobel is speculating that perhaps this fungus is responsible for some of the diesel that we have depending on, helping to process the biological matter from fossils... If we were able to use this fungus for commercial production of diesel fuels then it would mean that we were able to drastically reduce the carbon emissions created from the refining of diesel fuel. However, I wonder if this benefit would be undone by the increase in demand for diesel. If diesel is easily gotten goods and everyone starts burning more and more of it, who cares how cleanly we first came by it?

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bskaad said...

Sounds like a useful bacteria..
But the big question is, should we really try to make more gasoline or/and diesel.

I'm looking forward to the day the scientists comes up with a fully functional family and safe car who don't pollute.

My car a SAAB use allot of gasoline, but at the same time it gives me the safety and all the space and driving distance i need for me and my family.

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