Saturday, January 30, 2010

Switching Focus?

Ugh, Politics is so stressful. I can't bring myself to post on the political goings on much anymore. Most stressful development recently: The supreme court's decision to overturn campaign finance regulations.

On another note, I have been applying to graduate schools and was admitted to CalTech yesterday. Now the question is, can I live in Pasadena/LA for 5 years at a school with a serious diversity problem? Despite CalTech's reputation, its ranking as one of the best schools in my field, I think I'm going to the University of Oregon (assuming I get in).


Supportive Faculty
2-3 Faculty who I want to work with
It's in Oregon
Faculty collaboration
Affordable Housing
Research I am already familiar with

Lack of Diversity


Top Ranking/Reputation

Lack of Diversity
Lack of affordable housing?
Research that I am far less familiar with (steep learning curve)

I'm also waiting to hear from UC San Diego and UC Irvine.

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