Saturday, September 09, 2006

This guy from Dubai who runs some sort of tech firm, claims that I am the woman he has been looking for...that he loves the way I think, etc, etc. FReaky!

A.D. told me I should be more open to relationships but then his mother is freaking out about his own relationship with fianceegirl whom she does not exactly approve of. I'd like to have a more harmonious relationship when it comes to men and family...but who knows. Anyone sane would be good at this point.

DubaiGuy was a no-no given that he claims to be a follower/adherent to Maslow's pyramid of needs...I took IntroPsych but don't recall having learned about Maslow before. Anyway, upon researching my suspicions were confirmed that this was some sort of deterministic crapshoot that I had absolutely no interest in. Just for the record, if you are not an open-minded com-passionate "thinking" man, I have no interest. Just kidding about the hyphen. ;-)

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