Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I dislike a number of things about Mount Holyoke including their needs-based admissions policy that results in a the majority of students coming from privileged rich girl backgrounds where they think they just deserve every A to be given to them because their daddy is paying full tuition for all 4 years. I dislike the fact that faculty pamper students and some actually call students, their girls as if MHC were some kind of finishing school for the rich like it was in the past when MHC women always married Amherst men. I dislike the party-girl atmosphere. Academics is not a priority for the majority of students and those who care still try to drag their competition into partying and other activities that will hurt their ability to be successful academically. And I dislike the lack of real activism on the campus. Students take up silly little 10 minute issues and confuse the local sexual politics for world issues/issues that really matter to millions and decide if they live or die. While students are busy making penises out of the snow or seniors are running naked to convocation, children and women are being raped and killed in other parts of the world that they often care to ignore and even closer to home....right in the next town over, Chicopee, people live in hooverville cardboard houses and struggle to make enough to eat each day. I like a lot of the good faculty and the campus is very pretty I suppose (though I prefer many pretty university campuses despite some of the gray buildings) and I enjoyed getting to know some of the international student population (though they are mostly extremely wealthy privileged women as well), but most of the students I found unbearable and many people agree with me and transfer out in their sophomore year (and not because there isn't much to do...that would be a dumb reason since there is plenty enough to learn and a wonderful college bus system will take you to the commercial areas including Hadley with theatres, etc.) Okay, I've said my peace.

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