Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Most Fabulous Language Site Online Yet!

*Beware: unabashed advert follows. But I'm not being paid for this, I just found this new website and have been heavily recommending it every since to all language lovers.*

I mean, I loooove!! This site is sooooo incredible. For free, you can listen to literally hundreds of podcasts that teach you how to speak chinese in a relaxed, completely friendly setting. They break down each dialogue into small pieces and tell you exactly what it all means. And there are podcasts for every language level from absolute Newbie to seasoned aka advanced speakers...I've been listening to it, learning from it, recommending it and enjoying it for over a month now. You can even try the array of augmentary online features free for 7 days...but I think the free podcast is plenty good enough. It'll certainly keep my ears satisfied indefinitely (they post new podcasts every week). It that's not good enough for you, they are also coming out with a Spanish podcast soon enough.

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two crows said...

hey, AC
I was rereading your piece on honey and had a thought: maybe we ARE the culprits [surprise, surprise] when it comes to the plague on the honey bees.
we've been genetically altering food crops to produce their own pesticides for a while now. the critics of the practice have asked, 'what does this mean for human consumption of these crops?' and have been assured that the amounts of toxins are too small to affect us.
but--what about the honey bee? I'll bet the toxins can't target the boll weevil and leave the honey bee alone. so, as it pollenates the plants, it sickens and either dies on the spot or carries the affected pollen back to the nest where it wipes out the entire population of its home.

once again, humans leaped without looking where we were going to land-- and one more species bites the dust.
we could well be next-- as we probably deserve to be.

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