Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is something you know you should care about but don't?

"Lots of things if you mean caring in the only way that matters...enough that you go and do something about it. I mean, I really am disgusted by the continuation of human rights violations in the present day, around the world and right at home. However, I don't directly go do much about it unfortunately. Indirectly, I imagine that my work with children does good in the world and I hope that some of my own compassionate philosophy will rub off on them...but this all seems rather too nebulous to take credit for really."

Response: Exactly what I meant. If there is no action to make change, do you REALLY care?


two crows said...

I know what you mean, AC.
I bemoan the human rights violations all over the world and do precious little to stop it -- except gripe.

I DO do some things I can do like buy products that aren't overpackaged, reuse what I can, freecycle, recycle, reduce trash as much as possible, etc.
and not use more energy than necessary.
etc. etc.
often, it doesn't seem like nearly enough.
and, then, I hear people actually BRAG about the fact that they leave their a/c on when away from home, don't recycle, etc. etc.
don't they get it? would they leave excrement lying around on their floors and say, 'Let my grandkids clean it up'?
at this rate, they're unlikely to _have_ grandkids to leave it to.
btw, I noticed, there's no comment availability on your post about honey.
and, I've recently begun hearing that the honey bees are disappearing. no one knows why. and, we don't know how to pollinate crops the way they do.
we could go the way of the dinosaurs as a direct result of our exploitation of the honey bee.

or, if they're dying for some other reason than us-- because we're simply not paying attention.
either way, humans could become extinct because we didn't care enough to DO SOMETHING.

Alien Citizen said...

Wow, I hadn't considered the loss of pollination due to the mysterious plague that seems to be devastating the honey bee population recently. However, I know that farmers "hire" honey bees to pollinate their crops...would they be able to use other insects (are bees insects?) in the future? I am thinking of male mosquitoes for example who don't bite (though of course even then we wouldn't want swarms of them introduced to any town). Surely their must be some less harmful insect? How about hummingbirds? Well, I guess this is missing the point. If we just replace bees then we'll just end up destroying the next species too and so on and so on because nothing about how we live has changed.

Thanks for doing your part...we certainly try and do the same (ex. turning off the computer when not using it). And thanks for the comment...I've been so busy that I don't get much chance to do this but did very much appreciate your earlier remarks. Take care.

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