Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shine Some Light on the Situation

I am attempting to construct my own lightbox. I tried to use a couple of mini-flashlights at first for lighting but of course that really didn't work at all, especially since my box is so short. The "box" is constructed of two picture frames. The top is the two sheets of glass from the frames with tissue paper sandwiched in between. I'm going to krazy glue the frames together I think. But still need to get a fluorescent bulb for the box or it won't work. Hopefully there's a small enough bulb for my 11 x 14 "box".



I used to use those all the time... good idea making one, but be careful - all that trapped in heat makes me nervous!

Nice blog, BTW.

Alien Citizen said...

True that. Thanks for the warning. The fluorescent bulb in what ended up being a flammable surrounding does worry me a little but fortunately I am only using it for very short bursts of time. Thanks again for the comment.

Nick Dismas said...

Hi there. I built my own lightbox a few years ago out of wood, a fluorescent tube and a thick sheet of plexiglass. Rather than using tissue paper to diffuse the light, I used a fine sandpaper on the reverse side of the plexiglass to "white" it out. Just thought I'd give my two pence. -- Nick Dismas

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