Saturday, August 18, 2007

FedEx Sucks

This is just the second time that I've ordered something that was supposed to come via FedEx. The first time, I changed the address I wanted it delivered too shortly after placing the order and while the computer said that they had this information and it would be delivered by the end of the week to that location, the driver instead tried delivering it to the old address and then took two more days to figure out what the correct address was...the address I had given them a week before and which they had in their computers.

This second time, I was impressed that they deliver on Saturday since UPS doesn't and was happily awaiting my package at home. About 2pm and still no package so I decide to track it online. It says it was delivered to my front door not 15 minutes before (signature service not requested)! Now, there are several people here and none of us saw FedEx even drive by. I check the front door, no package. I consider asking the neighbors if they got it but going out and taking a walk up and down the street I see no package at anyone else's front door. So, I call FedEx and tell the lady who says yeah the driver said he delivered it to your address. So My 200 dollar package is AWOL but like before they say they will tell my local FedEx facility (who I was told customers I not allowed to call themselves) and they will talk to the driver and eventually, days later I should get my package. FedEx sucks.


two crows said...

keep at em, AC--
hound em till they cough up the package or gag on it.
ok, I know you'll do that anyway -- but just offering encouragement.
and what's this nonsense about not being able to call em yourself??? who is employing who here?

when I was the victim of fraud a few months ago, contacting my credit card company, the BBB and the attorney general in the state the shipment originated in worked wonders.
just some thoughts to explore.

dunno if you can report national companies or not, but you might try reporting it to Angie's List???

TomCat said...

Bush-speak Dictionary
Service=what bull does to a cow

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