Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adult ADHD

If you like me, have ADHD then you'll appreciate how much harder it is to get information about this than getting information about childhood ADHD. There is a great deal more information now than ever before, books and such, but it was nice nevertheless to find this dated video on the subject.

Posted Feb 19, 2007

ADHD in adults and other important information


Robert Rouse said...

Drop by Left of Centrist for a major announcement.

two crows said...

hey, AC--
didn't know you had ADHD.

and, you're undertaking writing a novel?
look at my face -- this is a look of admiration and respect.
that takes chutzpah!

Alien Citizen said...

Thanks 2C! I don't know if I deserve it though. I've been working on this novel for about 5 years now, completely off and on. I "finished" the outline a couple of summers ago and now just need to finish a first draft. But I always start thinking that this is a really ridiculous idea for a first novel and I wish I had outlined another non-historical fiction novel idea. I seriously ought to write something else first and then come back to this but the historical novel needs to come out of my head first before I can do anything else. So, I'll write the first draft I guess and then let it marinate while I write something more manageable. Meanwhile, my reason for less blogging/email is now due to a new school year having arrived. I've got 5 classes to teach this year and am up for a sort of secondary school level tenure review so I've got to do a damn good job. Wish me luck!

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