Sunday, September 02, 2007

On Senator Craig

I just wanted to put out there what the media isn't bothering to say: It doesn't matter whether he is gay or not. While the nightly news, newspapers, the Senator himself, and others are sounding more homophobic than ever in pursuing the question of whether he is or not, I don't give a hoot. It is completely irrelevant to whether he was propositioning people in a public bathroom or participating in any other lewd behavior in the same location. Being gay is not a federal offense, nor is it lewd and had he done the same thing in a women's bathroom to a female officer then we would not be discussing his heterosexuality, as if this was the problem.


TomCat said...

AC, I fully agree. The only thing that makes his conduct unethical is it's juxtaposition to his public stance condemning gay people and advocating against their equality. It's about hypocrisy, not about gayness.

two crows said...

and have you heard Pat Buchanan's take on the issue?
the guy shouldn't be censured or have to step down even though his hypocrisy is flaming out his ass, even though he tried to intimidate the cop and shut him up by flaunting his senate credentials, etc. etc.

according to Buchanan, he's sick and deserves our compassion. he should be sent to a clinic to be 'cured.'

what do you want to bet that, 3 weeks ago, Buchanan was calling gayness a crime?
he and the other rethugs need to wake up to the facts:
1] GAYNESS is neither a crime nor an illness.
2] what Craig did has nothing to do with gayness.
3] by saying it was, Craig is obfuscating the issue-- saying that gayness is something sordid that happens in public restrooms.
wrong -- the sordid something that happens in public restrooms is perversion and coercion. it has nothing to do with being gay.

quit trying to change the subject, Craig!!!

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