Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dennis Kucinich Tells It Like It Is

2008 DNC: Dennis Kucinich 'Wake Up America!'


Brother Tim said...

Kucinich would have made a great President. It's a shame the MSM/Miltary/Industrial Complex wouldn't allow it. I guess it's survival instincts kicking in.

Alien Citizen said...

Someone asked me back-when, during the 2004 primaries, who I would want to be president. My answer at that time was the same as my answer would be today...if I am getting a free wish then I want Kucinich calling the shots. He's a moral/compassionate person, something we haven't had at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since maybe FDR. Certainly he is far too radical for the trilaterals though. He wouldn't kneel and do their bidding.

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