Tuesday, September 09, 2008

McCain and Palin, Just - Like - You.

McCain and Palin, Just - Like - You.

"Vasquez is a single mother of two daughters...a classic victim of the sub-prime lending machine that approved a no down-payment loan without ever verifying her income...Vasquez said that she knows she needs a lawyer, but said she cannot afford one. The only family is a sister who has no room at her house, so if Vasquez loses her home through foreclosure, she said she has no place to go."

"John McCain said in an interview with Politico... "that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife, Cindy, own."

"I think -- I'll have my staff get to you," McCain said. "It's condominiums where -- I'll have them get to you."

The answer, according to the group Progressive Accountability, is an even 10 homes, ranches, condos, and lofts, together worth a combined estimated $13,823,269.

John and Cindy McCain own a plethora of houses spread throughout the United States, including: two beachfront condos in Coronado, California, condo in La Jolla, California, a two-unit condominium complex in Phoenix, Arizona, three ranch houses located outside of Sedona, Arizona, a high-rise condo in Arlington, Virginia, a rental loft, and, according to GQ, a loft they bought for their daughter, Meghan."

McCain and Palin, Just - Like - You.

""It’s hard to describe. It was kind of a surreal state. I was numb. It’s almost like a death. You feel helpless. You’re embarrassed, humiliated, angry, disgusted, all of those kinds of feelings. And then there’s the neighborhood, the disconnect with all those people you’ve been accustomed to over the years. We lost a lot of stuff, lost the community that we knew. It causes depression, stress and physical ailments, not to mention a lot of shame. You feel bad for people to know you’ve been evicted.""

"On house ownership, the Palins can’t match the McCains’ eight homes, but her real estate portfolio is respectable, thank you very much. Palin owns three houses, according to her 2007 financial disclosure form. The forms don’t list the value of the properties, but indicate that one is residential and the other two are used for recreation."

"A survey by the nonprofit Economic Policy Institute (EPI) shows the number of low- paying service jobs is growing in 47 of the 50 states, while the number of better-paying industrial jobs, mostly in manufacturing, is shrinking. The study found the average annual pay in industries where jobs are declining, such as manufacturing and information technology, is $44,570, while jobs in expanding industries such as leisure and hospitality pay an average $35,410 a year. “It’s bad enough that we’ve lost so many jobs, but this shows that the jobs lost were good jobs,” says Michael Ettlinger, director of the Economic Analysis and Research Network."

The average american salary is $42,028.

"Gov. Palin's salary is approximately $82,000 per year, her husband reportedly makes $100,000/yr."

"McCain's Senate salary and book royalties amounted to $215,304 in 2006 and $258,800 in 2007...Cindy McCain is the heiress to Hensley and Company, a lucrative beer distributor company in Arizona. Her wealth has been estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. "

McCain and Palin, Just - Like - You.

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