Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When is this Movie Coming Out?

W by Oliver Stone

Afterthought: I do not know anything about this movie except what was in the preview. In the trailer, Bush and folks looked like the idiots and A-Holes they really are, if you ask me. But maybe I'm reading more into it than is really captured in this movie?


HelenWheels said...

I wonder if he's actually going to try to paint the shrub in a positive light? And why is it coming out now? I call Propaganda Piece! I hate Oliver Stone, btw...

Alien Citizen said...

I guess it's not clear what way this movie is going to go...maybe he is portrayed as a jerk because his father is abusive or that he is just a victim of circumstances, etc. and later he is supposed to be reformed? But he doesn't look too good in the preview. Anyway, I found it entertaining. So, why do you hate Oliver Stone? Something I should know? I was too young when I watched JFK to do any serious analyzing...or anyway I'm going to stick with youth as an excuse (I was really interested in American history at the time but didn't know enough about the truth of the events of the movie to judge.)

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