Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Opening Eyes, One Film at a Time

I was asked to compile a list of upcoming movies worth watching and that's why I am on this tangent right now. But there are several very promising looking films coming out including the documentaries Trouble The Water (a documentary filmed by a couple while they fought to survive Katrina and then after), Flow (about the privatization of the world water supply), and I.O.U.S.A (about the compounding debt the Republicans are leaving us). Except for Flow, whcih already came out on the 12th of September, these films will all be released on Monday. Stealing American: Vote by Vote, has already been released. Those are just a few of the additions to my list of films I'd consider spending precious time viewing. I definitely want to see The Lucky Ones (out next Friday)...Tim Robbins is back! Yes. And if the trailer is any measure, he and his costars (Michael Peña and Rachel McAdams) do not disappoint.

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