Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This Election is Not About Issues

According to, even McCain's campaign manager admitted that all McCain has to rely on is attacks, saying that for them, "This election is not about issues." Well, lets just see how gullible the American people are this time... If we vote for the republican party after they have screwed us over for the last 8 years then we're saying they are right on the issues and they should keep doing the same thing, exploiting workers more than ever before and leaving the most vulnerable members of our society to "fend for themselves". McCain has great healthcare and he uses it. What does everyone else have and what kind of healthcare will you/they have in the kind of depression the Bush administration just nearly created and which we haven't seen since the 30s, bank runs and all?


Tera Firma said...

I can't wait for the debates. It will be a truly ruinous clash of the Titans. Once and for all the tyrannical rule of baseless accusations and shameless propaganda will fall by the wayside. Democracy will appease the land and bring water to the plants! No doubt this will get all the trolls knickers up in a bunch, but those grumps always find something to complain about anyway.

It's too bad the people who need to hear this stuff are too busy gluing computer chips into their skulls.

Enchante from Terra Firma to Alien Citizen. Live long and respire.

Brother Tim said...

In a fascist state, votes don't really count anyway. The question is: Will we let them get away with stealing another election?

Mr. Rush said...

I think Sen. Obama needs to remind us silly voters what the true requirements are for the job -- U.S. born citizen and 35 years of age.

Note, I am not saying that I am going to vote for him. I would, however, like everything to be on the up and up!

Alien Citizen said...

Tera Firma, I'm with you there...I really really hope that the debates do have a transformative effect on how the average red-blooded American sees these two men. And I also fear that most of them have already closed their minds...their computer chips bear the trademark of Fox News corporation.

Brother Tim, today we have the unparalled ability to communicate with large numbers of people via the internet. Especially for someone like me who lives in a solidly blue state, I think that maybe this has to be the primary tool by which we get out the truth and stop them from stealing the election. My worry is that the people who really need to hear the facts aren't even on the internet.

Rush, I don't think getting captured makes you a hero and I definitely don't think that getting caught by the enemy makes you a excellent candidate for president. Yet that seems to be McCain's answer to every tough question he gets..."I was a POW so now I am clearly faultless." That logic is very faulty but then America voted Bush back into office saying okay to the increased militarism where ever the oil boys wanted to go, NAFTA, and the Patriot Act. If McCain is such a maverick, why has he voted with Bush 100% of the time this year and 95% of the time in 2007? His is simply not the record of a maverick. This reputation of his is a carefully designed facade covering up the reality of the matter, what he truly believes in (which is a lot like some of other good old boys were are all familiar with now, Bush, Cheney and their puppetmaster, Karl Rove).

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