Monday, July 09, 2007

Argh! Can I Light a Fire Under Some Democratic Butt?

I am not just disappointed in Pelosi...I am really disappointed in the Democratic party as a whole. As I see it, they have been really apathetic or otherwise completely inept at taking action where the republicans run around doing whatever they want and taking away our civil liberties one chip at a time. And this coming election...what the hell? Right now, they have at least one more viable candidates than all of those on the democrats side. There is just no way middle America is voting for Barack Hussein "Osama" (as the news media keeps accidentally calling him) or for a woman who many so called liberal voters themselves don't even like. Why do the republicans always find actors and other people who know how to play to a crowd and talk to people and the democrats put up wooden people like Kerry? Lets stop dreaming that everyone in the country is so freaking open-minded and will elect pretty-boy Edwards, B**** Hillary (their words, not mine), or Muslim B.Osama with the wrong color skin. Lets get our heads out of the sand and figure out whats really important. Do we really want to risk the republicans getting into office again and pushing us further back toward Jim Crow days? We have people locked up in prisons indefinitely without having charged them with any crime. We have to have permission from the Federal Government (aka a passport) before we are allowed to leave the country. People are being encouraged to turn each other in (remain vigilant) and discriminate based on ethnicity and religion ("I won't go on that plane with him!") How far do we have to go before we are in a police state? And how close is to close? Lets put on the brakes now, while we can. Be active and speak your mind. Talk to people about what is happening offline and online.


two crows said...

hey, a c --
as threatened, I nominated you for the thinking blogger's award. :)

please check out
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Dirk_Star said...

Preach on sister!

A storm of discontent is brewing and and at last many voices are beginning to cry out as one.

We need to get off of the Impeachment thing and start dealing with the corporate corruption issue that is killing us all slowly...

TomCat said...

Although I disagree with your analysis, I agree with tour concern. I think a Democrat will win the White House, but I also think progressives need to hold their feet to the fire.

Troy said...

I'm not 100% sure I agree...I have heard a lot of the pundits talk about how this is going to be a "change election", and I can foresee part of that change being electing the first black or woman president. This rings true to my ears, at least for the moment, and I think Barack and Hilary are definitely the most intriguing choices at the moment.

The only other thing I can imagine would be the amazingly small, but nonetheless possible choice of finally having an Independent candidate worth voting for. The more I read of what Bloomburg has achieved in NYC, the more intrigued I get.

(GOD, this country needs at least one more party to choose from!)

Alien Citizen said...

Thanks 2 Crows! I'm not sure I have a clue what it means but it certainly sounds like a worthwhile award and I'm quite flattered to get one from you! Think on!

Alien Citizen said...

Dirk_Star, thanks for the support. I don't think that we need to get off the impeachment thing but rather that impeachment would be a really great idea. If democrats could really push through with that as a matter of fact then I think they would win back much of the support from young democrats like me that they have lost by seeming to kowtow to the stronger voices of the extreme right-wing and (as you pointed out) kowtowing to the powerful corporate interests they all support. If impeachment means lighting the metaphorical fire of real action among politicians and activism among young people for human rights (healthcare for children, the lives of those being killed in Iraq,...), then I say lets go for it.

Alien Citizen said...

Tomcat, thank you for your comment. I have really enjoyed reading your blog recently. I very much hope that democrats will win the white house given the popular sentiments right now against the war. I am worried however what will happen if all the current interest in the two leading democratic candidates doesn't actually pan out. I guess I just hope that some of the enthusiasm they have gotten so far will carry through to next year. We've still got a ways to go yet. But, even though I don't like that Hillary couldn't do the right thing with Iraq and don't like her recent reflections on that stance, if that's who we've got then I hope to heck she can win this. Maybe she'll be able to push through with national healthcare afterall.

Alien Citizen said...

Troy, welcome to my blog and thank you for the comment.
I truly hope that people don't put too much creed in the possibility of electing a third party candidate. As you said, even having a viable candidate from this angle is a very small possibility. However, like what happened with Nader however, the danger is that such a third party candidate will suck votes away from the democratic nominee and leave us in a precarious or losing situation. I think the democratic party needs to not only win but win definitively. Two Crows addressed this concern in a recent Politics Plus posting I think. Other opinions need to be heard but I also think we should realize the potential to reshape the 2 major parties we already have. The republicans have historically
been far left of what they are now. Democrats have also moved farther to the right. I think with more strong voices, like all of ours, pushing for the protection of people's civil rights domestically and where our occupying forces are abroad(the right to live, the right to healthcare, the right to leave the country if you choose, the right to fly and otherwise travel without harassement, no matter your religion, etc.), things will change.

Dirk_Star said...

Why is it so important to impeach a president who has already been stopped by a mandate of the people in the last election?

Lets deal with real issues...

Lets think about making changes for something positive instead of punishment for something negative.

I'm tired of ping-pong impeachment efforts. You went after ours, now we're going after yours.

It is wasted months and years of legal wrangling that could be better used to work on legislation that would serve to improve the daily lives of the American people.

That is how you awaken people, not by constant bickering...

TomCat said...

Thank you, AC. Hillary is my last choice among the leading Dems, but still she stands head and shoulders over anyone the GOP has to offer. Right now the best thing the Dems have going is GW Bush. Every day he presents a new outrage.

Alien Citizen said...

Dirk_Star, I see your point...however I don't think you could say Bush and company have been stopped. The "surge", as they like to call it, is a continuation of the same policies that we have seen for sometime now. Part of the problem is that congress has let them continue to operate this way.

But I do think it is important that the current administration be held accountable for their criminal actions. Otherwise, what's to keep politicians of any ilk from say, encroaching on our civil liberties or lying to the American people as a justification for war, again? As is, they get away with murder...literally.

two crows said...

hey, dirk_star--
I must respectfully disagree on a couple of points:
1] I made the mistake in 1980 of voting for Anderson despite Carter's assertion that a vote for Anderson was a vote for Reagan.
unfortunately for the country, Carter was right and I was wrong.

today, too much is at stake to play around with 3rd party candidates at the presidential or congressional levels.
we must leave that for a time when this country is on a fairly even keel -- which it certainly isn't now.

2] I agree with you that the Republicans have been smarting over the Nixon resignation and have been attempting to get back at the Democrats ever since.
they attempted for 6 years to find an impeachable offense under Clinton and finally settled for a bedroom issue that should have been left for him and his wife to deal with.
however, we should not allow their blatant tit-for-tat tactics to keep us from doing what is right.
the fact is, Cheney in particular [and Bush by complicity] has committed severe crimes against the Constitution that they swore to uphold.
to refuse to consider impeachment, under these circumstances, is to enter into the complicity being practiced by Bush. that is, to my mind, Congress' crime--and one I won't conspire in with them.

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