Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Movie

Okay, I won't give anything away but this latest Harry Potter movie is, by all reports, excellent. That's from a group of Harry Potterites who had nothing at all good to say about the last movie, #4. Both were PG-13 but there wasn't much to worry about in the latest...just a lot of great storytelling and compelling action. Of course, Harry was also involved in a little smooching. Next week, the book!


two crows said...

the book! the book! the book! the book!
and wanted to check in -- have you been drinking your water?

Alien Citizen said...

Yay! The Book! I am scandalously still not through book 6...but I'll try to complete it before the 21st...which is also the little one's birthday. And what a birthday present that book will be! Did Rowling arrange that one just for her? :-)

Haha. Thanks for the reminder. I've been drinking more water but I don't think even that's enough. Need to drink lips feel dry. You?

two crows said...

after your reminder this AM, I did go get my bottle and start carting it around with me while I hunted down some screws to put the latest set of closet shelves together.

and--found em-- so I'm off to finish [finally] the closet. that way, on the 21st I can settle down to some serious reading.

tell your littl'un happy bd from someone she's never met.

otowi said...

I saw it last night. Order of the Phoenix was one of my favorite books in the series. I can't wait for the last book to arrive in my mailbox!

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