Saturday, July 14, 2007

Data on Nuclear Armaments

From HÉCTOR CORVALÁN, an English Professor from Buenos Aires, comes this data...
Countries with nuclear weapons:

Rusia: 1587 Megatons (nuclear power)
EE.UU: 1299 Mts
China: 273 Mts
Francia: 46,8 Mts
United Kingdom: 14,4 Mts
Israel: 1,6 Mts
Paquistan: 0,7 Mts
India: 0,6 Mts
North Korea: 0,01 Mts

The total (3000 Mts) is equivalent to 238.748 atomic bombs as the Hiroshima bomb.

Data: Newsweek Argentina (11-7-2007) ...thus the spelling. Note that, second on the list, EE.UU or los Estados Unidos is the United States.

So, while the "West" is complaining about Iran and North Korea, they have a buttload of nuclear arsenals themselves (far more than these other countries) and we have of course supplied Israel with its own supply of nuclear weapons to 'protect our interests' in the area.


two crows said...

it seems as if Bush is concentrating on getting the bandaid on his pimple placed just so while ignoring the gash to his carotid artery.

Robert Rouse said...

Don't you remember when Jorge Bush said, "Free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction"?

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