Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Chess Game: See the Whole Board

Bush is a classic fratboy and I've always been wary of those types. They are always crass, sexist, secretly or loudly racist, and don't think there is anything wrong with putting their selfish desires above the good of everyone else. Basically that means that partying and drinking his braincells away while bashing them out of others has always made a lot of sense to Bush. I couldn't dislike him more. But on the other hand, he is just a puppet leader. Especially if he is as stupid as he acts. The real power players include Cheney, Bush Sr. Mrs. Bush Sr., Karl Rove and Company (that is a real political consulting firm based in Austin, Texas), and many others in the national and international arena, whose names we may never know. They are playing a deft chess game and when they lose a pawn (Bartlett), a bishop (Wolfowitz), or even a rook (Rumsfeld), you can bet they saw it coming and thought it was worth the sacrifice. I think we (I'm always guilty of this, see previous post) need to stop focusing so much on the individual and whatever other candy they hand us and look at the goddamn big picture. Because you can medicate the pain and the patient will still die of the disease. And I see us, as a global society, bleeding in a million places right now....Vampires at our necks. Remember...Bram Stoker's Dracula was written (based on a real man)about the wealthy aristocracy exploiting the less fortunate ...No matter how much we may wish it so, it's not just fantasy horror. This game is happening right now.


TomCat said...

I saw this at TC's and followed you home. Very well said. Bush is merely the head megalomaniac over a neocon/theocon Reich with its roots in the AEI, PNAC and the AFC.

Alien Citizen said...

Thanks for the comment tomcat. I hope more people can come to realize this...that Bush is only a figurehead in a much larger (and more evil) organization. Going to go look up those acronyms now. :-)

TomCat said...

American Enterprise Institute, project for a new American Century and American Family Council. The first two are the neocon think tanks where most Bush policy is born. The last is James Dobson's theocon group.

Having more people come to realize these things is why we do all this work, isn't it? ;-)

Nice to see you at PP. :-)

Alien Citizen said...

Excellent. Thanks for info. Knowledge is power.

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