Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's Harry Potter Month!

That's right. Only...what...2 days till the movie and 12 days till the book? Yikes! A certain little one in my life has gotten me hooked. I'm taking her to the library tomorrow for the first day of a whole week of HP activities there. 25 dollars a child. Guess I ought to get my sleep now so I can rise in the morning. "We should get there early so we can sign-up." She stated very maturely tonight. Indeed.

I've had the same bloody end of the day headache for about three days but I think that is mainly from not drinking enough water. Its the only effective way my body has found so far of telling me I'm dehydrated. I wish it would do so earlier in the day...I end up drinking tons before bed (doesn't make for continuous sleep) and not drinking much at all during the day. I've just got a million other things on my mind most of the time. Will try and do better. Sleep and water = health and beauty, right?


two crows said...

yay, Harry!!!
I checked him out after seeing J.K. profiled on 60 Minutes, years ago. Had to check out the 1st book to see what all the hoo-hah was about.

soon, I had added all things Harry to my activities with 'my' kids and I know I got some of em hooked on reading for the first time in their lives. I truly believe that may have been the best thing I ever did for many of them.
as to the water deal---
yes, yes, yes -- cultivate the habit now!
I didn't begin until menopause and am paying the price. I often wake in the morning with aching kidneys.
getting up in the night is a small price to pay for liver and kidney health-- tho earlier water consumption trumps both. :)

here's a tip: buy Gatorade in the bottles that have the dispenser caps. after you've drunk the Gatorade, stash em [filled with water] around the house-- in front of the computer, the tv, by the bed, in the car [assuming you have one], etc.

always having a water bottle within easy reach has helped me remember to drink more often--
and gatorade's bottles are sturdy, long-lasting and virtually free.

btw--I saw on 60 Min's this week that tap water is better for you than bottled water--having essential minerals in it that the bottled version generally lacks. so, again, the almost free version
is better.
good news, for once-- :)

oops-- I think my comment was longer than your original post-- sorry about that.

Alien Citizen said...

2 Crows, your comments always make me smile!...Thanks. And yes, we are deep into the Harry Potter universe this week. Said little one learned to read at 4 or 5 just so that she could read these books. Great motivation. She got a blue cape and hat with stars and moon print today at the library event. And a wooden "wand" the kids designed themselves and some sort of small cage for magical creatures. Tomorrow, they will be sorted into their houses by the sorting hat. Everyone wants to be in Gryffindor of course. "Come on, have a little imagination!" Ha. She had a good time. That's all that matters.

I drank more water earlier today. Declaring that goal in writing helped to remind me to work on accomplishing it. You're completely right about having a water bottle handy at all times. I bought this Norwegian water that came in a cute bottle and have been refilling it and carrying it around with me...except I don't see it right now. :-) Will go find it...

Oh, and on the tap water...the minerals are quite important but unfortunately, water is often polluted (depending on where you live) by industrial factories and so on that release runoff into the ground. While you can boil away much of the bacteria and other living organisms in the water, the chemicals and additives like chlorine remain. See this admittedly biased site for a quick summary of the dangers, Chlorine and Tap Water I usually resort to drinking spring water...less or no chemicals and more minerals. Yum.

Thanks again for the encouragement. I really am going to go find my water bottle now... :-)

two crows said...

I've gotta get to my bookstore to witness the festivities before the 21st! bet that'll be fun, even tho I haven't personally met any kids in florida, yet.
where do you take your littl'un?

and, congrats on your water consumption! keep up the good work. it helped me, too. I drank more than usual today as a result of the post.

hey! mebbe we could check in with each other--kinda like a weight-watchers club--to remind each other to drink???

Alien Citizen said...

2 Crows, the local library was the only place I could find in the area with a Harry Potter group and that's only the one week of activities. But I'm really glad they did that and we'll of course go see the movie, probably on Wednesday.

Soooo, how much water did you drink today? :-)

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